TRAVIA Articulates

Founded in 2019, Travia emerged as a solution to bridge the communication gap between travel agencies and hotels. This innovative company was born from the legacy of GODO, a leading travel tech enterprise established in 2012, known for its comprehensive solutions for the hospitality industry.

The Legacy of GODO

GODO has been at the forefront of travel technology for over a decade. Working with over 1,100 hotels and guesthouses worldwide, GODO has consistently developed innovative tools that enhance operational efficiency for hospitality providers. Their experience and insights into the industry’s challenges laid the foundation for Travia. Finding a niche to bridge the gap between hoteliers and travel agents and allowing travel agents to book directly into the hotel’s PMS without needing to utilize OTA pages.

The Birth of Travia

Through its extensive collaboration with various hotels and travel agencies, GODO identified a significant pain point in the industry: the cumbersome and time-consuming communication process between hotels and travel agencies. The endless email threads, long waits for responses, and uncertainty around availability and pricing were major obstacles.

Seeing the need for a streamlined solution, GODO started Travia. This new platform was designed to create an instant, seamless link between travel agencies and hotels. With Travia, users can save time, increase efficiency, and deliver superior service to their clients. The aim is to eliminate the back-and-forth emails, reduce waiting times, and provide clear, real-time information about availability and pricing.

The Travia Advantage

Travia stands out by offering a robust platform that simplifies and accelerates the booking process. Travel agencies can now instantly check hotel availability and prices, making the booking experience smoother and more efficient. This not only enhances operational efficiency but also significantly improves client satisfaction.

The connection with GODO means that users benefit from a host of well-established products. If you appreciate the efficiency and innovation of Travia, you’ll likely find GODO’s other offerings interesting as well. GODO Property is a premiere PMS that centralizes all your hotel operations. It includes a fully functional booking engine, channel manager, detailed reporting, and numerous OTA integrations. For smaller businesses, GODO offers Booking Factory, a hotel management system designed for sleek and simple property management methods. These products further support hospitality operations, ensuring that hoteliers can manage their properties effectively and provide top-notch service to their guests.

Looking Ahead

As Travia continues to grow, it remains committed to transforming the travel tech landscape. By leveraging the expertise and innovation that GODO has honed over the years, Travia is set to become a vital tool for travel agencies and hotels alike. The future promises more advancements and solutions that will further streamline the travel booking process, making it easier and more efficient for everyone involved.